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Cullen Tourist Information Office

Cullen Tourist Office needs you!

Cullen Tourist Office re-opens for the summer season soon and we are looking for new volunteers.

Open daily from 1st June - August 31st the Tourist Office contains full tourist information on Cullen and the surrounding area including leaflets, guides, accommodation, attraction, activities etc.

The office is manned by volunteers and we are looking for volunteers for this season. Full training will be provided but all we are really looking for are friendly people who enjoy meeting and talking to people, have some local knowledge of Cullen and the area but most of all can provide a warm welcome to visitors to Cullen.

We are looking for volunteers to cover shifts that can be as short as 2 hours. We need volunteers to cover shifts but also to act as cover for sickness/holiday.

If this is something you might be interested in then please comment below or email visit@discovercullen.com or call Graham Bell on 01542 841519 or David McCubbin on 01542 842886.

Cullen Tourist Information Office is open daily 10am - 4pm from June 1st - August 31st and is located in Cullen Town Hall in the Square.  The centre has tourist information leaflets and brochures about Cullen, Moray, The Banffshire Coast, Aberdeenshire and the whole of Scotland covering Tourist Attractions, activities, eating out and events. 

The centre is manned by local residents from Cullen who can share with you their expert knowledge and tips on how to make the most of your time in Cullen and North East Scotland.

Cullen Voluntary Tourist Initiative

The Cullen Voluntary Tourist Initiative has 4 key objectives:-

  • Promoting Cullen
  • Running the Tourist Information Office during June, July and August
  • Creating and facilitating events in Cullen
  • Raising funds to sustain the work of the Initiative.

The Tourist Information Office is manned by a body of volunteers who give up some of their time to ensure that visitors to the area are well-informed of events, facilities and things to do.  If you wish to contact the Tourist Information Office, please phone or e-mail Graham Bell - contact details to the left. More volunteers would be very welcome;  if you are interested, please contact Graham Bell.

AGM - 2015

The 2015 AGM of the Cullen Voluntary Tourist Initiative will take place on Wednesday 20th January 2016; to view the Agenda and draft 2014 AGM Minutes, please click here.

Cullen Tourist Office - 2015 Report

To read the 2015 Tourist Office Report - including a selection of the fantastic comments we have received in our Visitors' Book about Cullen and the service provided by our band of very willing and hard-working volunteers - please click here.

Cullen Beach does it again

Bathers in the north-east can be assured they are swimming in some of the cleanest waters in Scotland.

Cullen and Inverboyndie beaches are among the 84 designated bathing spots to be awarded the Scottish Environment Protection Agency's top rating for their water quality. 

Other beaches in the "Honours List" include Aberdeen, Balmedie, Findhorn, Fraserburgh, Lossiemouth East, Rosehearty and Stonehaven.

Cullen Leaflet available

A leaflet about Cullen is now available; to see a downloadable version, please click here. The leaflet is being distributed to all tourism-related businesses in Cullen, and will also be displayed on over 33 leaflet stands throughout the Banffshire Coast area (with thanks to Banffshire Coast Tourism Partnership). If you have not received a supply of leaflets, please contact Graham Bell on 07801 850827.

Cullen is one of the best places to see the Northern Lights !

The Aurora Borealis - or Northern Lights - is entering the liveliest stage of its 11-year cycle. And that means eerie hues of green and purple could be dancing over us several times a month. Our chances of seeing a display are increasing; solar activity goes in cycles of roughly 11 years, and the current cycle is set to peak next winter. It is possible to predict when an aurora will occur - to an extent. Sunspots indicate activity on the sun and there are websites which allow anyone to follow the "kp index".

It measures solar flares. If it exceeds five, there may well be activity in mid or northern Scotland. It is possible to see the very brightest of displays from towns, but it's best to be out in the country where it's darker. People do travel to Northern Norway and Iceland, but you can see them well from the north of Scotland which has the same latitude as Stavanger in Norway and Moscow. It's best to have a low horizon, so Cullen in the north east is a great spot. Those who wish to find out when the Northern Lights will be visible can sign up for e-mail updates from AuroraWatch (click on http://aurorawatch.lancs.ac.uk to sign up).

Moray Firth in the World's Top 18 Coastline Destinations

Amazing but true! A survey by National Geographic Traveller Magazine has rated our coastline amongst some of the most breathtaking coasts in the world. For more information, please click here.

Ilovecullen.com stickers
available for sale in local shops in Cullen - £1

Proceeds will go to Cullen Voluntary Tourist Initiative funds for tourist related projects/events.

Cullen Voluntary Tourist Initiative - Committee Members

Committee Meetings are held monthly on the second Wednesday; if you would like to become more involved with the Tourist Initiative, we would like to hear from you; please contact Graham Bell, Secretary.

Contact Details

Cullen Voluntary Tourist Initiative,
Graham Bell,
23a Seafield Street,
Cullen AB56 4SU

07801 850827;
01542 841519;
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This project was part-financed by the scottish goverment and the european community moray leader 2007-2019 programme.