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Cullen Community Asset Transfer Group

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Community Asset Transfer of Cullen Community and Residential Centre/ Development Trust Creation.

The Community and Residential Centre in Cullen will be closed by the Local Authority. The decision was reached on Wednesday 11th February 2018 by the Councillors. Voting for the overall budget which includes closure of the Town Hall and Community Centre was recorded as 13 votes in favour, 11 against and 1 abstention. Please note that the Library and Play Centre were not included as part of this decision and will remain open.

As a result the Cullen and Deskford Community Council (CDCC) have started the process of Community Asset Transfer.

Click here to view a copy of the running costs of the the Cullen Centre as well as those in the wider Moray Council area.

This would most likely result in the Community and Residential Centre being taken over by a Development Trust and run on behalf of the community. In order to deliver this the interim group set up by CDCC have to demonstrate a number of points;

A need for the Transfer (Closure of the Centre by Moray Council)

Support from the Community of Cullen (Petition and Public Meetings)

A viable and sustainable plan for the future of the Centre

A successful Public meeting was held in the Town Hall on Wednesday 7th March 2018. At the meeting, members of the community were given 6 headings;



Health, Fitness and Well Being,


Celebration of the Third Age,

Future Opportunities for Cullen

Under these headings the participants listed their ideas of activities or events that could be held in the Community and Residential Centre. The last heading, Future Opportunities for Cullen, took a broader view of potential projects and opportunities for Cullen and was not focused solely on the Community and Residential Centre.

For those that were unable to attend the meeting they can still contribute in the process by visiting this page and submitting their ideas under the above headings using the email address for the CAT group. CATgroup@discovercullen.com

The responses will be collated and ultimately displayed in MacKays Mini Market, Seafield Street, Cullen on Friday 23rd March and Saturday 24th March 2018 for the community to have their vote on their favourite ideas. The results will then be used to help form the business plan that is being developed for Cullen Community and Residential Centre which the formed Trust will take forward to the benefit of the Community Centre and Cullen as whole.

This page aims to keep the community updated as to the progress being made and will have accessible documents added as they become available.

We are now looking to have a further meeting on Wednesday 14th March 2018 at 7.30pm in Cullen Residential and Community Centre. This meeting is open to everyone who has an interest in the future success and development of the Centre.

The meeting will allow us to start the process of tackling the tasks required to develop the business plan and further develop the vision for the future. In order for this to succeed we will need to create sub groups to focus on key areas. As a result we need a diverse skill base to do this. Fortunately we have these skills in our midst but it is vital that people come to the meeting so that these skills can be identified and utilised. Everyone has a part to play. Even if you don’t think you have any skills, if you are interested in maintaining the Community and Residential Centre in Cullen, by the formation of a Trust, you are strongly encouraged to come along on Wednesday night. WE ALL have skills that will be useful. The most important thing is a willingness to help keep and develop the Community and Residential Centre and the town as a whole.

There will be a short tour of the building to allow everyone to understand what the Centre has to offer and the challenges facing us. We will also begin to explain further the various options open to us with regard to undertaking the Asset Transfer. To assist us in this, there will be a member of the CAT team from Moray Council attending the meeting.

We look forward to your continuing support.

Contact Details

Email: CATgroup@discovercullen.com

This project was part-financed by the scottish goverment and the european community moray leader 2007-2018 programme.